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Samantha Foxy

181 lbs
Asylum City, Central Europe

Samantha Foxy is the only survivor of her family who spent her whole childhood as an orphan in Asylum City, a city filled with criminal gangs and many deadly dangers. So she realized since early ages the meaning of be a survivor and how to survive in such a harmful environment. Samantha as an adult, gained a particular reputation within the city and among the city gangs; she's the never resting vigilante of Asylum City.

Together with her faithful motorbike "Shadowblade", she rides and fight against every gang member who steps in her way or is unfortunate to make some criminal thing when Samantha is around and protecting the innocents, even if there are few, showing kindness and justice to good people and wrath and vengeance to bad people.

Samantha has a long story of fights and big matches in the indy wrestling feds. Still, since her debut in FPW, she showed and proved to be a wrestler with the heart of a champion despite her never been a true champion, but still, she's an opponent not to underestimate and also been for several weeks at 1st place at women's rating.

She never turned down fights and challenges from the whole women division. She faced and won some matches against legends like Brooke Owens and The Banshee. She now hungers to make the next step in her four years long career, and that is becoming a World Women Champion for the first time; and as she said, she owes to all her fans and followers an actual movement, and with them, she's unstoppable.

Samantha Foxy
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