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Nina Crowley

143 lbs
Tokyo, Japan

Nina Crowley was born and raised on a military base in Japan. In her teenage years, she was forced to move to Austin, TX to stay with her father and half-sister/wrestler, Sarah Jane. While in Austin she was involved in a bad accident and was flown back to Japan via her long-time friend, Nathan Sazama (aka Neon Shadow). The life-altering surgery saved her but also came with several cybernetic upgrades, via Neon's design.

To function she had a neuro brain link installed, allowing her to hack via a cable line. She's not against using this to sabotage as she has done so in the past in FPW. Her in-ring capabilities are unknown as she has not yet debuted in-ring, but what is known is that her bond with Neon Shadow is unbreakable. She will always be at his side, watching their enemies #GetRekt one by one.

Nina Crowley
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