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Lux Tesla

234 lbs
Coney Island, New York

It's Lux Tesla versus the World. From carnival barker to nightclub bouncer, his story has traversed the globe. Stepping out of Coney Island's back-alleys and into the squared circle of Fusion Pro Wrestling, it's "Lights Out" for all who stand in his way on the path to glory.

Unorthodox. Unpredictable. Unrelenting. Lux Tesla excels in underdog situations. Often outnumbered but never outgunned, there is no fight too big for this tenacious technician from the Empire State. Wielding an arsenal of training in Muay Thai, mat wrestling, and boxing, "Lights Out" Lux Tesla still relies on old-fashioned street fight savvy. Absorbing brutal punishment and dishing out his own in equal measure, Tesla outlasts his opponents in the battle of attrition, taking them by surprise and seizing upon that opportunity to dismantle them towards victory.

No stranger to getting his hands dirty, turnabout is fair play for cheaters in the ring. By hook or by crook, whether it be with his Steeplechase Suplex, The Tesla Coil, or his devastating Jetsetter finisher, "Lights Out" Lux Tesla continues to pave the road to fortune with the littered, broken bodies of his detractors.

Lux Tesla
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