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Karma Starr

140 lbs
Savannah, Georgia

When you think about the people you don't want on their bad side, you know it's because they can do a lot to you if you make yourself a target. While Karma definitely has a reactive temper, she wasn't always like that, though her toughness has only grown throughout her life.

Karma started out in a seemingly peaceful area of Savannah, GA, but life for her was never easy there. Even though she tried to fit in with the general life of a school girl where she lived, she was always picked on for her fitness being a major focus. So much so that when she was a teenager, she was sent far away from her home town to study in Dublin, Ireland, where her father had contacts that could help her pursue her focus as well.

While in Ireland, she trained in MMA as a teenager, even settling in well and making friends there, until an incident with two of her friends resulted in one of them leaving and the other out for a few weeks to recover. While it saddened her, she kept training and eventually focused on boxing before finding her way into wrestling, using her skills she learned over the years to get back at the ones she found needed to pay for what they did and finding relief in dealing the retribution she felt some from her youth would've deserved as well.

Karma Starr
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