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Joanne Steel

166 lbs
Queens, New York

When Joanne first arrived at Fusion Pro Wrestling there were two constants for the Queens, New York native, the first was a bitter and often time violent feud with "The Ringmaster" Abbie Tood which ran from Joanne's arrival in March 2021 through to the Summer of 2021

The other and enduring thing has been her devotion to the fans, win or lose Joanne is willing to do whatever she can to keep the fans entertained while remaining true to her beliefs of playing fair and being respectful to her opponents as much as she can be.

She has had mixed fortunes with minor injuries keeping her out of the ring during part of 2021, though in it ddn't stop her contiunuing to wrestle with a loss in the first round of the FPW Women's World Title Tournament to Marionetta The Trickster in July, and making the final three in the Battle Royal at ther Royal Clash show in August, and winning the FPW side of the Fusion Cup only to lose to Chiyoko of WPWF in the final in July.

Joanne never stops fighting, when "Stronger" hits the arena PA and she hears the crowd is when Joanne truly comes into her own, and no matter what the challenge facing her is, everything she does in the ring she does for the fans as a thank you for their continued support.

2022 started off brightly for Joanne with a couple of hard fought victories, and she was came out as a victorious member one half of the inaugral FPW Women's World Tag-Team Champions, The Underdogs with her Tag-Team Partner and long term rival turned friend Kimberley Smith.

Joanne Steel
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