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Charlie Duffield

227 lbs

Charlie began in the indies first as a referee. Then, he quickly moved to wrestle, starting with a quick fast-moving pace that would land him the moniker "Lightning Jock", a name he would embrace by adding lightning bolts to his wrestling gear; his sunglasses, slicked-back hair and charming charisma would earn him his official name The Scottish Heartthrob a knee injury would later slow him time and cause him to spend more time outside the ring rather than in it, it was during this time he not only refined his wrestling style but also became a manager/commentator which would lead to him making his most significant impact on the world of wrestling.

Charlie is probably best known in wrestling as the head of The Duffield Clan and former GM of DCWF, where he ruled through brutality. You either stood with him, or The Clan would crush you.

* Was the voice for HIW during the invasion of DCWF
* After HIW left, became GM of DCWF
* Formed The Duffield Clan
* 3 Time Plexi Award Winner
* 1 of 3 Main Events at Wrestlefest X vs Numbers Rossini(Control of the Company match)

In April 2021, as he was preparing to start a new chapter in his career, tragedy struck, and he wound up on a life support machine with a slight chance of survival; after waking up and beginning his painful recovery, he took a look back at his life and who he had become and has since vowed not only to climb back in the ring but to also make up for the past build a new legacy clean and untainted to make his family and his country proud he has said he is now on a journey for honour, for pride and Scotland.

Charlie Duffield
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