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Brooke Owens

130 lbs
Orlando, Florida

Brooke Owens started her career in late 2015 after moving to America from the UK being trained by the top female wrestlers on the grid, she immediately made a splash and caught the eye of many of her peers. Brooke went on to have high profile matches in her rookie year all while still trying to find herself. Brooke quickly found championship gold and early success but something was missing still.

After losing her first-ever championship she went away from the public eye for over a month and when Brooke returned, it had seemed she reached down deep and found The Black Swan. Brooke started to denounce the fans and revealed she was now in it for herself and Brooke Owens showed a new vicious style and long gone was the smiley underdog the fans loved.

Over the past few years, Brooke has been travelling to different promotions across the grid winning multiple championships and even becoming the first-ever female in history to hold two world titles simultaneously. Now Brooke Owens has embraced the fans again and has returned to the UK to FPW to continue proving herself.

Brooke Owens
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